Let us be your Chinese outsourcing strategy partner!
We provide One-Stop-Purchase Service!
Who we are -- an independent exporter of various custom component parts
Acculine Precision Manufacturing Company is a Chinese professional supplier of mechanical component parts including aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, precision machining, sheet metal stamping, sheet metal punching, sheet metal deep drawing, plastic injection, metal sintering and plastic sintering, high pressure hand pump, DN Series stainless steel cylinders to ISO 6432, interchangeable to FESTO DSNU, XC Series round cylinders of large bores, interchangeable to FESTO CRDSW, and squeegee & floodbar chopper cylinders, etc 
What we offer -- One Stop Purchase Solution for over 70% mechanical component parts our manufacturing customers outsource
Our business is developed based on industries, with the aim to provide a wide range of components/parts a manufacturer would need, thus the manufacturer would be able to cut down the cost for the component production and focus on more value adding activities like R&D and assembly.
The industry range that we are serving currently includes--
pneumatic component, lock & door and window hardware, bathroom enclosure hardware, power and hand tools, pumps and valves, filtration and separation, screen printing equipment, labeling equipment, automation, motion controls, automotives, packing equipment, food and beverage, electronics assembly, home appliance, medical, etc 
What we guarantee -- quality  based on Western standard
We have been supplying to demanding customers from Europe and US many years, thus we have mentality similar to those of our customers, understanding their needs and concerns. Most of them used to have endless problems in terms of communication, stable quality, etc. After choosing to partner with Acculine, they do not encounter such problems any more. We implement a strict Product Quality Management System which is the cornerstone of our quality.
Our mission
Provide customers One-Stop-Purchase Service
Be customers' Chinese outsourcing strategy partner