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Sintered/Porous Plastic

Plastic materials are formed by sintering for applications that require materials of specific porosity. Sintered plastic porous components are used in filtration and to control fluid and gas flows.

Material used
Polyethylene (PE), ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (PE‐UHMW)

Industries served
pneumatic component, lock & door and window hardware, bathroom enclosure hardware, power and hand tools, pumps and valves, filtration and separation, screen printing equipment, labeling equipment, automation, motion controls, automotives, packing equipment, food and beverage, electronics assembly, home appliance, medical, etc  

  • plastic sintered-porous part-filter element

  • plastic sintered-porous part-filter element-2

  • sintered plastic for air water filtration

  • plastic sintered filter element PE material

  • plastic sintered filter element PE material

  • Sinter/Porous Plastic