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Pneumatic Products

Pneumatics is one of the industries where Acculine's most important competitive strength lies in. Acculine serves customers worldwide from design, prototyping, through manufacturing, till testing setup.

Our pneumatic product line includes, 
Pneumatic cylinders to ISO 6431, ISO 6432, NFPA, squeegee & floodbar chopper cylinders, to custom specifications,
Solenoid valve, air valve, mechanical valve, various valves to custom specifications,
Air filter, air regulator, lubricators, and various combinations.
And various components such as piston, cylinder heads, air filter bowl guard, filter element, air cylinder accessories, air preparation unit brackets, etc

Industries served
Automation, motion controls, automotives, packing equipment, printing equipment, labeling equipment, machinery, food and beverage, electronics assembly, etc

New !  Standard Products
DN Series stainless steel cylinders to ISO 6432, interchangeable to FESTO DSNU; BROCHURE 

XC Series round cylinders of large bores, interchangeable to FESTO CRDSW; BROCHURE





  • custom-pneumatic-cylinder

  • custom-pneumatic-cylinder

  • pneumatic-cylinder-stainless steel

  • large-bore-pneumatic-cylinder to ISO 6432

  • stainlss-steel-cyinder-parts machined

  • pneumatic cylinder end with cushioning by precision machining

  • valve-manifold-machined

  • deep-drawn-stamping-metal-bowl

  • die-casting-machined-air-cylinder end